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Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Another Vista Gadget Competition

Today I got the MSDN Flash and it noted there is an Australia wide competition for a Vista Gadget.

Having come 2nd in the QLD competition, naturally I am interested in entering this competition as well. Some of the runner up prizes include Vista Ultimate (value $800, or so they say).

The closing date is 31st October (2 months away) and is open to anyone aged 12 to 30 in Australia only. Now here's the interesting bit. The company hosting the competition (Si-Mi) actually on-sells media that people upload, taking a cut for themselves. This means that you will not only be entering a competition, but uploading a potential money-maker as well! Apparently you earn 70% of the profit when your item is sold.

Contestants must set a price for their gadgets upon upload. Winners of the contest will partly be decided based
upon the amount of money made from uploads. Any profit made from selling sidebar gadgets as a result of this
competition remains the property of the entrant as per Si-Mi terms and conditions.

How cool is that! So lets revise:

  • You could win Vista Ultimate from your gadget, or more
  • You could get earnings from the gadget you upload
  • You will learn how to write sidebar gadgets

So what do you need? Well, just a good idea of course!

But if that's not enough, here's some resources for building gadgets.

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